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Wilco was founded in 1981, but has its roots dating all the way back to 1952, where it started as Wills’ Nursery in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Through decades of hard work, the company has progressed from a small landscape contractor to today having locations across Western Canada, and completing a wide range of landscape and civil construction projects.

We credit much of our success to the strong work ethic of our people, and their dedication to efficiency and pride in their work.

Wilco has gained a reputation for high productivity, top quality finished products, finding working solutions to project challenges, and dealing fairly and honestly with our clients.

Our goals as a company are simple: to be the hardest working company in the industry, to never stop improving, and to enjoy what we do.

Wilco Southwest is part of the Wilco group of companies which form the largest civil and landscape development group in Western Canada.

Local ownership and management ensures that our focus remains on building a quality product and guaranteeing client satisfaction.

We thrive on challenges and seek out projects that require a depth of experience and knowledge.

Wilco Southwest is headquartered in Calgary, with regional offices in Saskatoon and Regina.