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Umami is a savory taste and is recognized as the fifth taste sensation alongside sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Umami is used to describe a food as delicious.

The sensation of umami can be recognised as a gratifying ‘brothy’ taste with a long lasting, mouth watering and coating sensation over the tongue.

This sensation is due to the detection of amino acids that are responsible for this effect.

Umami complements the palatability and amplifies the taste intensity.

A fresh take on cooking

What do we mean by fresh? Well, the answer is three-fold.

Firstly, fresh food — you’ll always find top-quality ingredients at Umami Shop.

Secondly, fresh ideas.

We take world cuisine to a whole new level, offering a mouth-watering mix of both traditional and fusion recipes that you can take home and cook easily.

And last but not least, fresh atmosphere.

Umami Shop is not your typical world grocer.

A clean, modern interior with the help of friendly and highly knowledgable staff will make you feel comfortable and confident — ready to experience the flavourful world of cuisine!