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Dog | Cat | Small Animal | Bird is a family-owned business and we are pet owners just like you. We have always believed that pets are part of our family and they deserve the best care possible. This is why we are passionate about bringing you quality products that allow your pets to have better and healthier lives.

We started at the beginning of 2009 after realizing that it was very difficult to find a One-Stop online pet store in Canada which can offer pet owners a large selection of quality products in one place. We often need to travel to several different stores or spend excessive amounts of time and money searching online to get the products we are looking for, and sometimes there would still be something we just couldn’t find. We used to wonder why there wasn’t one online pet store that had every kind of pet products in one place, and eventually we decided to open that store ourselves.
  We’re not a fancy, high-priced pet boutique store. We are continually searching for high-quality pet products from all over the world. We are aiming to be your favourite one-stop online pet store where you can find quality products at unbeatable prices and provide exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations.

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