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Online Circulaire MultiFood Supermarket Weekly Flyer, Circular & AdsOnline Circulaire MultiFood Supermarket Weekly Flyer, Circular & Ads Multifood Supermarket Flyer 05 To 11 July 2024Multifood Supermarket Flyer 05 To 11 July 2024 Online Next Week Circulaire MultiFood Supermarket Flyer, Circular & AdsOnline Next Week Circulaire MultiFood Supermarket Flyer, Circular & Ads

About MultiFood Supermarket

Multifood Supermarket is located in City of Windsor Ontario, which is separated from United States by Detroit River. Windsor is located directly south of the city of Detroit, Michigan. Multifood Supermarket has its grand opening in May of 2015.

Multifood Supermarket covers about 25,000 square feet and has free parking with hundreds of independent parking spaces serving the majority of customers. The look of the stores is very much Eastern in style and scope with grocery aisles named for different countries and filled with products from those countries. The food groups include fruits and vegetables, grain products, milk products, seafood, meat and alternatives and snacks. The diversity of produce, fresh fish and seafood and fresh meats are all competitively priced making. Multifood Supermarket focuses on being a leader in innovative grocery store offerings and design.

Multifood supermarket is a full service supermarket ideally positioned as Canada’s multi-ethnic fresh food shopping experience. Multifood supermarket is seeking unique ingredients not typically available in traditional grocery stores. You can find a large selection of international meals freshly made and ready to take home or in-eat. Their fresh produce comes from all over the world.

Multifood supermarket is an Asian-Canadian supermarket, which sells primarily Taiwanese, Chinese, and other Asian foods. Shopping at Multifood Supermarket is like taking a journey through anywhere of Asia where one can find a variety of flavors such as spices from Thailand; fresh fruits from Philippines; sushi, seaweed and soups from Japan or Korean; stream breads and fried breads form Chinese Mandarin; sauces from Hong Kong; noodles from Taiwan, and other Asian countries. Food court in Multifood Supermarket has sorts of dishes – bakery, deli, sushi, and Chinese BBQ. If you like those things, then Multifood supermarket is the right place for you!

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