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About Aldo Electric

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Based in Hamilton, Aldo Electric has been building and maintaining electrical systems in businesses and homes for over 20 years.

A quality electrical installation done right will last for years, and will deliver power on a consistent basis.

Aldo Electric has an excellent retention level with new customers.

That’s why we say “use us once, and we’re very confident you’ll call us again”.

What Happens When An Electrical Technician Visits?

Within the first hour of Aldo Electric being on-site, our technician will identify any issues and recommend a solution.

We will inform you of the cost involved, and we will not start the work until you have approved it.

If you have any concerns or present problems with your electrical system, we would be glad to provide you with a quotation at no charge.

Call Aldo Electric for more information.

Our friendly electricians show up on schedule, provide an estimate and explain any work to be completed before we begin.