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You’re the DIY type, who doesn’t need to call in reinforcements when you need something done right. When it comes to moving, you’re in control—making sure everything is packed exactly how you want it.

But does the thought of driving a bulky moving truck send shivers down your spine? We can help!

At You Load We Move, we have been offering quality residential, commercial and industrial moving services across Canada since 2006.

Easy, No-Hassle Moves
The concept is simple: we drop off one of our trailers, you load it up with your valuables, and then we drive it to your new location.

No fuss and no worry about having to manoeuvre an unwieldy truck.

We have a variety of trailer sizes to accommodate small or single-items moves, as well as large commercial moves.

Coast-to-Coast Service
There are no restrictions on our service area. Moving from Saint John’s to Vancouver? No problem.

Simply load up one of our trailers with your furniture or vehicles. We’ll ensure that your cherished possessions make it to their destination, safe and sound.

Safe, Secure Moving
If you’re not experienced in driving large vehicles, or are nervous about a long trip, don’t take the chance.

Let the experienced drivers at You Load, We Move, Move For Less drive for you. Just pack up the cargo trailer and we’ll meet you at your new destination, whether it’s down the street or across the country.

We are committed to making your move as quick and painless as possible while ensuring the safety of your valuables.

Call or email us today to book our expert drivers for your next move!