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Winright Law was founded from humble beginnings.

Now, rapidly growing in our West Broadway office, we’re shaking up the legal industry.

Most innovations occur as the result of a belief that something can be done better.

We were not satisfied with the traditional practice of law, so we decided to change it.

Too frequently, we found that traditional law firms either underappreciated clients, overworked employees, or operated in the face of tremendous inefficiency.


Changing Small Business Law


From the beginning, our first priority has always been to do right by our client.

Gone is the typical hierarchical structure where senior partners rank highest on the chain of importance.

Customer experience sits atop our pyramid. At Winright we believe that happy customers are shaped by happy employees, and that happy employees are shaped by a great company culture.

As such, it is our aspiration to build a workplace environment rivalled only by the likes of Zappos and Google.

Though the law may be serious business, not everything has to be.

We are adamant that our employees should feel comfortable working with us, rather than for us.

At Winright, we work hard to foster an open-minded, positive, and friendly work environment— we even have a designated Community Manager whose job it is to ensure that we stay true to this.

Our open concept office layout encourages communication and interaction between every member of our staff, regardless of position.

We value what our employees have to say and always accept the input of our team members at face value.