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About Wink-i-Wear

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Wink-i-Wear is a local Kelowna company, motivated by the diversity & unique styles of humanity. 

Wink-i-Wear is the inspiration of Laura Draycott, a former Chiropractor and licensed Optician, who believes eyewear is our greatest fashion accessory.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? How many pairs of glasses to you have? What do people look at first, your feet or your face?  

Wink i Wear invites you to transition your eyewear along with your wardrobe or activity & play with frame shape, color and texture. 

Marry a fabulous frame with exceptional lenses & you have our motto…Look Beautiful, See Beautifully.

Handmade by independent eyewear designers, our frames are not always the most recognized brands, but are always very original, exclusive and high quality. 

We try to introduce our customers to eyewear they are not going to find anywhere else, and frames they have never seen before.