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The lawyers and staff at Wilson King LLP take pride in providing the highest quality of legal services – it has been a tradition since our founding.
We want to be your lawyers, and we’d like you to know more about us.

Wilson King LLP is the oldest law firm in Prince George, and one of the oldest in the Province.

After stepping down as a Judge of the County Court of Kootenay, our founder, Peter E. Wilson, Q.C., moved his family to Prince George and commenced a legal practice here in 1914.

Mr. Wilson’s long-time partner, Hubert B. King, Q.C., commenced his legal practice in Barkerville in 1933, and after serving on the War Time Prices Trade Board in Ottawa during World War II, he joined Mr. Wilson in the practice of law in Prince George in 1945.

Mr. Wilson drew up the Petition for Letters Patent to incorporate the City of Prince George, and in June of 1915 he was retained to act as solicitor for the City of Prince George.

Pete Wilson was the first solicitor for the City of Prince George and our Law Firm continued that retainer as solicitors for the City of Prince George for over 90 years.

Peter E. Wilson, Q.C. practiced law at our firm in Prince George for 46 years (1914 to 1961).

Hubert B. King, Q.C. practiced law at our firm in Prince George for 42 years (1945 to 1987). Robert M. Dick, Q.C. practiced law at our firm in Prince George for 47 years (1966 to 2013).

Over the years a number of the members of this firm have gone on to become judges of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, County Court and Provincial Court of British Columbia, while others have become law school professors.

In the spring of 2014, the law firm founded by Peter Edmund Wilson, now Wilson King LLP, will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Our firm is the oldest continuous business in the City of Prince George. Wilson King LLP looks forward to continuing to work with both present and future clients for many years to com