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On March 17th 1999, Wild Wing took flight with a humble grassroots beginning in Sunderland, Ontario.

Since then Wild Wing has become one of the fastest growing family-friendly sports restaurant franchises.

Our growth has been attributed to providing high quality food, strong customer service and a unique atmosphere.

Wild Wing is famous for its mouth-watering Canadian raised chicken wings that are served with 101 incredible flavour options.

Whether you come with family or friends, your visit at Wild Wing is sure to be memorable.

On March 5, 2015, after 16 successful years of building the business, the Wild Wing network was purchased by Clark McKeown with the support of a financial sponsor.

Their strategy was to keep the magic that made Wild Wing a success while offering more selection on the menu to meet changing trends.

This led to the introduction of more burgers and a great selection of Flat Breads, Wraps, Poutines, Ribs and Salads.

The team also installed new tools in the kitchen to accelerate cooking times and built a state of the art training and testing centre that also operates as a full time Wild Wing location.

In addition, a new corporate head office was built upstairs to keep management close to an active Wild Wing restaurant.

The network currently has 85 locations with a goal of growing the business to 130 locations over the next four years.