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Dhiren is a partner at Weaver Simmons. He was born and raised in Northern Ontario. He completed his MBA at St. Mary’s University in Halifax.

He then obtained his Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton where he received the New Brunswick Trial Lawyers’ Association and the McInnes Cooper Prizes in Trial Practice.

Since being called to the bar in 2015, Dhiren has concentrated his practice in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, primarily in personal injury and insurance law.

He also has a thriving Family Law practice.

He has appeared as counsel in jury & non-jury trials in the Small Claims Court and Superior Court of Justice as well as successfully appearing before the Ontario Court of Appeal.

It has always been Dhiren’s goal to practice in Northern Ontario and provide residents with access to justice whether they are individual or corporate litigants.

When Dhiren isn’t focusing on your file, he is a passionate football fan who also enjoys a round of golf when time permits.

He has a vibrant young toddler and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son.