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In 1951, a young Walter Kuettel left his native Switzerland for the promise of better opportunity in Canada.

Speaking no English and not a penny to his pocket, He worked on a farm in Quebec for room and board and $10 a week.

A year later, he moved to Toronto to work for a landscaping firm.

Walter’s apprentice training in gardening from Switzerland was put to good use.

Soon, He realized he could only fulfill his dream if he created his own company.

In 1954, Walter’s Landscape Service was established with the basic tools of a 1939 Dodge and a lawn mower.

This same year Walter married his Swiss sweetheart, Valeria.

They operated the business from their home – Valeria handling the administrative side and Walter working on landscaping projects.

Together they toiled to build a thriving business.

From the beginning, Walter’s fundamental business philosophy was exceptional customer service, quality and value.

From this foundation, the company built a devoted customer base.

The business grew from maintaining gardens to landscape design and construction projects.

The blue Walter’s Landscape Service trucks were soon a common sight throughout the Toronto area.