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About Vtac Accounting and Tax

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V-Tac was established in 1997 and introduced its accounting and taxation services to Canada.

Over the years, V-Tac has continued to expand its operations and accrue a diverse clientele because of its reputable knowledge and reliable financial services.

V-Tac has been providing over 15 years of solid expertise in a variety of financial areas such as: bookkeeping, accounting, business consulting, corporate taxes, personal income tax and payroll services across Canada.

V-Tac makes every effort to provide professional services to its diverse clients that range from small businesses to large corporations.

Our staff affords invaluable knowledge that is intended to benefit our clients to help them succeed and financially grow.

We take pride in working closely with our customers to better understand their goals and expectations in order to create better solutions for positive outcomes.

We know our clients play an integral role in our company’s success.

We thus transform the knowledge we possess into a service that benefits our clients at an affordable rate. In today’s challenging market, we understand the need for reliable advice, quick responses, and immediate results, which is why we strive to deliver the highest standard of services to surpass customer expectations.

We also recognize that our quality services are a result of our exceptionally trained staff.

Our people work hard to contribute their knowledge in helping businesses function effectively while forming strong relationships to build rapport and increase economic growth.

V-Tac employees take pride in the way they deliver personal attention and accommodate customers’ needs through the best practical solutions our company has to offer.

Our expertise, flexibility, and creativity are incomparable and set us apart from mainstream competitors, thereby making us the better and more productive alternative.