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You’ll experience traditional flavours while sampling the best from our local Northern Ontario growers. Freshness is key to any great meal.

Choose from our seasonal al la carte menu and daily features that highlight ingredients grown in our backyard and products crafted in the artisanal method.

We offer progressive Italian Cuisine and embody the Slow Food concept. Our ingredients are used in their natural form, allowing genuine flavours to shine.

Through the Verdicchio dining experience, our hope is to bring our customers back to the simplicity of yesterday.

We all have the right to enjoy food that is produced in a manner that respects the environment and local traditions.

When it comes to wine, no other country in the world has as much diversity as Italy.

Wine is produced in every region of the country and stands as the best accompaniment to its cuisine.

Our all-Italian wine cellar showcases hard-to-find varietals and our newly renovated bar elevates the cocktail experience with its bold design, in-house prepared elixirs and premium liquors.

Take a tour through some of Italy’s best yet relatively unknown vineyards with an informal tutored tasting or sip a glass of wine in our Enoteca wine bar.