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In 1974, a young Joe Van Leeuwen joined his older brothers Jack, Bill and Casey in their business Essa Plumbing and Heating. 

Together they worked at Base Borden and Baxter Labs and many other industrial and commercial locations.

Successful and growing, the business sprouted into different entities, each of the brothers going their own way, focusing on their own strengths.

Joe branched off to start his own business, Van Leeuwen Plumbing and Heating. 

He stayed in the Alliston area and continued to service local businesses and residents.

He was one man with one truck, working hard and developing a good reputation until eventually he was able to expand, taking on apprentices and adding employees. 

Joe is now something of a “go to” guy. He has been involved in so many projects locally, that he has a vast knowledge of the local area and its buildings.

Van Leeuwen Plumbing and Heating does work for a number of the local municipalities, installing and repairing underground sewers and waterpipe.

Although VLPH has retained many of its original industrial clients (some for more than 30 years), it has also earned a reputation for excellent no-nonsense residential service.

“Our customers are neighbours, or friends of our neighbours, we want to keep them all happy!” 

Van Leeuwen Plumbing and Heating is very proud of its record of employee training and reliability.

We have been a vital part in the education and learning process for 11 apprentices who are all now working in the plumbing industry.

In all these years, we have had no major injury claims or liability claims.

We host weekly safety meetings, have a detailed safety policy, and always maintain a high level of respect for clients and each other. 

We want to make sure every job is tackled in a professional and efficient way.