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A beautiful, professionally created landscape enhance both the appearance and the value of your home.

Valleywest Landscaping have been creating superior landscapes in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba for nearly 30 years.

Our landscaping services include:

The Valleywest Landscaping team is a group of skilled experts who pride themselves on their ability to bring you an imaginative, personal and beautiful landscape you will enjoy for years to come.

We are based in Niverville and serve both residential and commercial customers throughout Winnipeg and Southeastern Manitoba, in towns like Steinbach, St. Pierre, Lorette, Lasalle, Ste. Agathe, St. Malo, as well as Whiteshell cottage country.

Professional landscaping provides the highest return on investment of any type of home improvement with a 100% to 200% recovery value. 

What better reason to invest in your property and enjoy the benefits of being in the great outdoors. 

In Manitoba, our prime outdoor season is very short. 

We’ll help you make the most of your yard so you can fully enjoy your outdoor times, and increase the value of your property.

Valleywest Landscaping provides free estimates and consultations, and will take your budget into account during the planning process.

You may know exactly what you want, or perhaps would like some ideas on how to enhance your landscape, whatever your landscaping situation we can help.