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Online Circulaire Tone Tai Supermarket Weekly Flyer, Ads & CircularOnline Circulaire Tone Tai Supermarket Weekly Flyer, Ads & Circular Tone Tai Supermarket Flyer 02 To 08 June 2023Tone Tai Supermarket Flyer 02 To 08 June 2023 Online Next Week Circulaire Tone Tai Supermarket Flyer, Ads & CircularOnline Next Week Circulaire Tone Tai Supermarket Flyer, Ads & Circular

AboutΒ Tone Tai Supermarket

Founded in 2001, having gone through years of hard work, Foodymart has become a major supermarket chain in Toronto, one of the most successful Chinese enterprises that is headquartered in the most prosperous, most economically-developed city in Canada.

In the early days, through the painstaking efforts, dedicated hard work, and bold attempts made by the Long Tai staff, Foodymart Corporation was able to rise above among competitors in the fierce business market. After ten years of struggle, their foresight into this great opportunity paid off, as the Foodymart Corporation now has eight large-scale Chinese Supermarket chains under their belt, serving all the major towns and cities within the Greater Toronto Area. The total retail space of all locations combined is estimated at 300,000 square metres, and they carry over 40,000 varieties of products. Moreover, they use an integrated, state-of-the-art POS computer system which makes accounting for the import, sale, and storage of products highly accurate and methodical. As a result, Foodymart was able to see a continued dramatic increase in annual sales since its inception, becoming one of the largest Chinese Supermarket retail enterprise in Toronto.

As a comprehensive supermarket, the retail space should typically measure 60,000 square metres and possess wide and brightly-lit shopping aisles, to provide a spacious, comfortable, and refreshing shopping environment for its customers. Pleasing colours and an attractive aroma of fresh food fill the entire supermarket. With ten different departments and tens of thousands of varieties of merchandise, combined with its organized, easy-to-find displays and shelves in various sections and aisles throughout the store, Foodymart offers a convenient one-stop shopping experience sure to satisfy consumers` every need.

“Sincere Service” is what the Foodymart Corporation promises to deliver to all its customers. Looking ahead, Foodymart would like to uphold its professional and established manner of operations, while thriving for distinctiveness at the same time. Together with the future of the Canadian retail industry, Foodymart hopes to progress forward and reach an even higher standard to offer the best to its loyal customers. We thank everybody for his or her long years of support to make Foodymart a reality.

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