Tommy’S Not Here Restaurant, Website, Opening Hours & Addresses

About Tommy’s Not Here


It’s hard to believe the years that have passed since the inauguration of our little basement restaurant, Tommy’s Not Here.

Though the tongue & cheek namesake still brings a chuckle to the odd customer, it is safe to say that our restaurant has been taken very seriously by developing itself into one of Sudbury’s premier dining establishments.

We have always relied on the contagious nature of great compliments from our patrons to others, to promote and advertise their experiences to friends, family and business associates.

This word of mouth tactic is honest, yet sometimes critical, but overall it has helped us to create the positive evolution that has transpired within
these restaurant’s walls.

With no fancy gimmicks or radio jingles, this process took time and eventually created a large following of loyal clientele that share with us many great times.

Dining at our restaurant is not always centered around the food, but rather a complete focus on your entire exper-ience.

Customers become friends and relation- ships abound in the intimate setting that we have worked very hard to create and obtain.