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About Tina’s Fitness


I am a Certified Health & Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor who has been in the health and fitness industries for 17 years and counting.

For the last 5-years and counting I have been traveling the world and living life on my own terms, while the studio successfully evolves without me physically there! 

Don’t be fooled though, I am always close by and have grown into providing online services that helps a whole new clientele.

I care deeply about my clients both at my Parry Sound location, and my Online Clients (most who I have never met in person but we have forged beautiful friendships).

I now passionately & vigorously promote people to live their best lives, to be happy, to travel if they have the desire, and to take care of their health! 

I agree fully with the theory that “life is short” so we need to nurture ourselves in mind, body & spirt, follow our hearts and do what sets us free!!

If you miss me at the studio, you can find me in the Caribbean, usually on a kite beach, kiteboarding between my online classes and coaching clients….always practicing what I preach!

Lifestyle ~ Travel ~ Fitness ~ Health

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, unsure of what to do next, feeling down on yourself or life, then GET IN TOUCH WITH ME BABY!!!!  This is my specialty!