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Three North Clean specializes in house cleaning services in Calgary and Edmonton and provides a variety of cleaning help to our clients

Choose us because, when cleaning, our reputation for excellence, and attention to detail, are second to none

We carefully select and train all our cleaning staff. From the start, we on-board them carefully, after thorough screening.

We use all ecofriendly cleaning chemicals, and are always looking for better ways to do things.

From little projects, to full throttle move out cleaning, we can tackle it all.

You should fee great in your home. It should be clean, and smell amazing.

Don’t have time for that? we can help.

We specialize in residential cleaning

Professionals like us know cleaning techniques you wont, and we have access to special ecofriendly cleaning agents that you may not.

We carefully select the right stuff based on our job scope.

For residential we have one cleaning kit, and for commercial cleaning, we will have another, special cleaning kit.