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Fred Fatt has been a Defence Lawyer in Prince George BC since 1981.

He estimates that he has worked on over 10,000 criminal cases.

Some of those cases have been prominent and newsworthy, but many have concluded quietly.

Fred has significant and up-to-date experience in almost all areas of criminal defence work.

He knows that when a person is accused of a crime they need a good lawyer to do everything reasonable and ethical that can be done to make “bad things better”.

The Criminal Justice System is designed to be adversarial.

People without lawyers often feel unsure of what they should be doing, and often more nervous than necessary.

Good criminal lawyers are often able to talk directly to the prosecutors, and negotiate a resolution that is satisfactory to their clients.

In cases where the lawyer and the client decide that it would be better to go to trial, it is the lawyer who shoulders the major part of the preparation.

It also important to have a lawyer who is accessible, and whose office staff are pleasant, understanding, and helpful.

If you are in criminal trouble, see a lawyer as soon as possible.

Before you get a chance to talk to “your lawyer”, say nothing about your case to anyone, especially the police.

“You have the right to remain silent”.

Do it. Bad things are often not as bad as they first seem, and a good Lawyer can, almost always, make bad things better.