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The era of big-box stores may have changed the retail landscape, but it hasn’t changed The Northern.

For more than three generations, the people of Prince George and the surrounding region have relied on The Northern to provide whatever they might need.

Eighty years ago, it may have been coal for your pot-bellied stove or kerosene for your lantern.

Today, though we only sell Blacksmith’s coal, we offer a selection of wood stoves, pellet burning stoves and cooking systems, and we still carry kerosene and lamp oil.

Life in the North is just a bit different than anywhere else, and The Northern is different too.

We respect the history of our area, and continue to provide the products and services needed for traditional activities like camping, hunting, and fishing, but don’t forget that we also carry the latest and most cosmopolitan kitchen implements and gadgets.

And we carry everything, all year round.

Whether it’s a snow shovel or lawn fertilizer, you’ll find it.

Many of our staff have been with us a long time, and they can put their hands on that special item or part you need.

And as Harold Moffat used to say, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!”