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Teryl Scott works with the organization’s leadership to build capacity so that it can manage difficult conflicts and effectively address misconduct. 

When allegations of bullying, racial discrimination and sexual harassment arise, Teryl Scott brings together professionals who have achieved excellence in their fields to assist and resolve the matter.

Their fields span a broad range of expertise needed to resolve these difficult and sensitive matters:  investigation, mediation, arbitration, counselling, management conflict training and legal media management.  

On a day-to-day basis, managerial fairness and a healthy work culture prevent bullying and human rights complaints from escalating to human rights commissions and to grievances and arbitration.

These complaints create risks to the employer of negative publicity, exorbitant legal fees, damaged reputations and poisoned work environments.

Teryl Scott designs its services to manage and reduce these risks.

At the same time, we build capacity within the organization to minimize and repair these harms.