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Notaries have a long and distinguished history in Canada. In their earliest role, notaries served as official witnesses to important legal documents, life events, and business transactions.

A Notary’s word, signature, and red Notary Seal are accepted as genuine proof in most courts of law.

Notaries in British Columbia provide high value, affordable and personal services on a variety of legal matters.

BC Notaries are commissioned by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.



My name is Tegan Tang.I am proud to be a notary public and member of the British Columbia Society of Notaries Public.

Born to Chinese and Vietnamese parents, I have lived most of my life on Vancouver Island. I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

I received my Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies in 2015 through Simon Fraser University.

Before this, I worked for the governments of Canada and British Columbia (including the Canadian Consulate General Office in Shanghai), and Vancouver Island University.

During my 18-year career in the public service, I gained valuable experience in client service and meeting the needs of people and businesses while promoting Canadian businesses and post-secondary institutions to Asia (e.g. China and Vietnam).