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Since 1988 Stinson Electrical has been serving the Muskoka & Almaguin areas’ electrical requirements for residential, generator, commercial and industrial projects.

Our diverse and friendly staff of qualified licensed electricians will advise and assist you with your electrical needs.

We are registered with the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA) of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and are fully insured.

As a result of our exceptional performance, we belong to the Authorized Contractor Program (ACP) as governed by the Electrical Safety Authority.

This allows us inspection privileges which reduces inspection wait times to ensure that construction timelines are honoured on our behalf.

We have been providing both residential and business customers with generator maintenance and back-up solutions to curtail the inconvenience of frequent and long-lasting power outages.

Consider your daily essentials like lighting, cooking, heating, air conditioning, security and daily business functions.

Install a generator and never stress about power outages again.

If the power goes out, your standby generator goes on automatically – protecting you, your home and your business 24/7.

Don’t forget to have your generator serviced regularly as you would your vehicle, especially following significant power-outages.

Oil and spark plug changes, fluid level checks, and filter cleanings are all prerequisites to ensure that your generator continues to run smoothly—especially during a time of need.

Call us to schedule an appointment to have your generator serviced and to give you peace-of-mind.