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Square One Paving Ltd. is accredited by the manufacturers that own proprietary processes involved in the installation of coloured and patterned imprinted surfaces using asphalt.

These processes include Ennis Flint’s TrafficScapes portfolio of preformed thermoplastics and StreetPrint genuine stamped asphalt which uses specially designedequipment; the StreetPrint Asphalt Stamping Templates, StreetHeat – Asphalt Infrared Reheat Equipment and Tooling and GAF Quest Construction Products’ StreetBond Advanced Coatings for Asphalt.

The issuance of these certifications to Square One Paving Ltd. means that Square One Paving meets all the training qualifications associated with the manufacturers and that Square One Paving uses all the StreetPrint equipment with StreetBond coatings ensuring the highest standard of decorative stamped asphalt including LEED certified installations are executed.

These certifications also ensure to the customer that the Ennis Flint surface, inlaid and imprinted thermoplastic installations for high traffic crosswalks and traffic calming areas are executed to the highest quality standard.

Square One Paving Ltd. headquarters from the Lower Mainland with installations in all regions of British Columbia.

Square One Paving Ltd. is a member of Vancouver Island BBB since 2001 and also a member of Vancouver BBB.