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You’re going to love scouting for engagement rings at Spence Diamonds.

The air is light, the showcases are open and the staff let you call the shots. It’s a complete departure from the stereotypical jewellery store experience.

You’ll probably do a double-take when you first walk in.

The store is so much classier than those schlocky radio ads, that people tend to look up at the sign a couple times to make sure they’re in the right place.


Pleasantly surprised with the ‘elegance factor’, your attention will shift to the open showcases.

We can’t help but laugh sometimes because people literally stand there moving their hand in and out for a few seconds.

The concept is so foreign they’re suspicious some invisible door is going to come slamming down.

But that doesn’t happen.

You’re left to browse at your own pace, trying on as many ring designs as you like without having to ask for assistance.