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  1. keep up-to-date with Canadian immigration law, regulation and programs
  2. having the practical experience to share with our clients
  3. servicing our clients using the fastest process available with Citizenship & Immigration of Canada (CIC)
  4. using our expertise to ensure that each case goes smoothly. The success of a file is our number one priority
  5. treat our clients with respect
  6. being able to put ourselves in our clientso shoes and fully understand their circumstances in order to proceed with each file in the most effective manner


  1. pre-assessing / consulting the general necessary requirements for each specific situation
  2. assessing and verifying all documents for all Visa applications
  3. ensuring that all required documents of each file appear logical and precise prior to submission to Citizenship & Immigration of Canada (CIC) or to the Embassy
  4. giving guidance on supplementary documents to be filed
  5. constantly following-up and updating files as needed so that files can be processed quickly