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Sidhu Law, based in Surrey, British Columbia, specialises in Family Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Immigration Law and Business Law.

Our team is completely committed to providing our valued clients with a respectful, knowledgeable and tireless approach to their case.

We work to ensure that our clients receive industry-leading legal counsel.

If you are experiencing legal issues or have questions about a potential claim, feel free to contact us via phone or email, or in-person at our office.

We can provide free initial case evaluations and answer any questions you have.

We can offer extensive insight into your claim and help you navigate through various legal processes.

At Sidhu Law, we only require payment after your claim has been settled in your favour.

We want to help our clients get the settlement they deserve and only expect compensation after we have successfully done our job. 

Our rates are also very competitive with industry standards.

Our team have compiled experiences, skills, connections and specialities in each area of the law that we service.

Our firm provides a range of legal services that can assist in a variety of troubling times.

Our diverse backgrounds and shared depth of legal knowledge ensure that our clients consistently receive the best legal counsel available.