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Shame is a powerful emotion. It attacks us where we are most vulnerable and latches on like a parasite that will never let go.

Shame makes us feel worthless, fat, undesirable, and the list goes on and on….

At Shameless Fitness we believe that shame should have no place in a gym.

The goal of fitness is to be the best version of you; not the best version of somebody else.

Competition is ok but comparison is not.

Shame has kept many people from being willing to visit a gym, let alone push themselves.

We want to create a space and community where everyone is coached, encouraged and given feedback.

Whether you can back squat 355 lbs or can’t do a pushup, Shameless fitness is the place for you.

We are offering a boutique training experience with a limited number of training spaces.

You will get semi-private training at every workout!

We want to help you reach your goals by providing programming, coaching at every class, accountability, and encouragement!

Our programming is a wide variety of functional fitness that is always varied: strength training, conditioning, high intensity interval training, mobility and flexibility…..Every workout is different!

Our goal is to provide quality over quantity at a high level of value.

This allows for a greater level of coaching and intentional engagement with clients.

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