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The admiration for jewellery started over a quarter century ago when Seth began his journey as a shopkeeper for his Grandfather.

Days would consist of the simplest tasks such as tidying the work bench and polishing rings. It always felt special to him.

As Seth grew, his inclination to create world-class jewellery surpassed the family business.

Instead of staying at the old shop, he invested in himself and travelled the world to routinely train with the best-of-the-best in making jewellery.

His journey has led him to become a master at several jewellery design techniques such as:

• Optical gem/diamond setting
• Hand engraving
• CAD design
• 3-D modelling

And other techniques that make clients feel like they’re getting a work of art when they buy custom jewellery from him.

Since opening up his own showroom in 2007, the mission has always remained the same: create world-class designs and spread the love of jewellery one design at a time.