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About Sem’s Moving and Storage


Passion, dedication, and expertise together with hard work make up the values that have raised Sem’s Moving and Storage up the ladder in the relocation business.

Ours is a household name which is respected all over Toronto as we have helped so many families and businesses relocate over the last two decades.

One of the greatest lessons that we have learned over the many years is that having a good and competent staff can make or break your business.

This is why we revel in having skillful personnel who also love their jobs.

All of them are expertly schooled, well-versed and remarkably educated to be able to navigate through both easy and tough jobs.

We go through every job happy to do it, a joy that eventually trickles down to the client.

Sem’s Moving and Storage is greatly acclaimed on social media and devoted review collection forums, mostly due to our great service and proficiency.

Our company gives a total scope of local hauling and boxing jobs.

Our aim is to always grow these services with the latest aspects.

For whichever need you might have, whether it is moving things in-house, moving your home or office area, or moving a precious musical instrument like a piano, we have ready and polite staff who always go the extra mile to ensure the safety of the items.

We have a number of modern transport vehicles which can securely carry things of any size and weight.

If you need any assistance to box up your things, the crew can do just that, making sure not to leave behind the most breakable things.

Our personnel is well versed when it comes to boxing tricks.

Just in case you feel that you can do the boxing up on your own, our company rents out eco-friendly reusable plastic bins which are brought right to your door.

Once you are done packing, the crew takes the items.