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Every day, our chefs create unique and novel lunch and dinner specials, but we know that novelty isn’t the same as time-honed quality.

We’ll never forget our roots as one of the first Greek-Canadian fusion restaurants in Saskatoon, and we’ll always remember that mastering traditional cooking techniques is the bedrock of fine-dining.

A really great restaurant must provide more than amazing food and service.

It is also a physical space to delight your senses while providing you with a comfortable place to enjoy good company.

Our dining room is an experience all on its own.

We reach back into the history of Saskatoon and cherish the grandeur of the age of rail in Canada.

We boast the same meticulous detail and splendor, captured in wood, brass, and soft fabrics, which turn of the century high-end railcars and restaurants were known for.

Great conversations don’t happen by accident.

You need great people, a good topic, and a conducive atmosphere.

Our unique and beautiful interior provides great acoustics and comfortable seating, so you can enjoy meeting great new people over a glass of fine wine or a traditionally mixed cocktail.