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About Saanich Plumbing

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Founded in 1947, Saanich Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has been proudly servicing the North Coast region for over 50 years.

Locally-owned and -operated, Saanich was purchased by entrepreneurs Ross McNish and Bob Gruber in 1967, who have owned and operated it ever since.

Ross and Bob enjoy this industry because every day (and really every hour) presents something new and different.

Customers Enjoy Our Personal Touch

Because our company is comprised of local individuals providing quality plumbing and heating products and services for local residents and businesses, there’s a personal touch to everything we do at Saanich.

Our technicians are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our impressive inventory of over 10,000 items, we’re able to start and complete jobs much sooner than our competition.

If there’s ever anything we can do to better serve your needs, please contact us and let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you and servicing the North Coast for another 50 years!