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RNS Accounting and Financial Services Corp. (RNS) is an Ontario financial services and consulting company that offers comprehensive income tax preparation, bookkeeping, insurance, debt product management, as well as advisement solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and local residents.

Based in Pickering, Ontario, the company is built on the philosophy of providing exceptional, full-service and professional income tax preparation and financial services at accessible price points.

Wholly owned and operated by Suthakaran Ratnasingam, RNS was established in 2014, meeting people’s demand for affordable income tax preparation solutions.

The business evolved to include other financial services, leveraging client’s knowledge of their income tax to build strong financial plans for their families.

The income tax preparation service acts as the conduit for securing additional business with clients who are seeking a complete financial services partner to assist with planning for their future and goals.

Suthakaran has a wealth of professional and volunteer experience and training. He personally undertakes all services, ensuring that costs are managed while developing relationships with clients and establishing a level of comfort and trust; clients are assured that the owner will be responsible for their account’s key activities.

After nearly four years of operation, Suthakaran is seeking to grow the company, establishing an additional 11 locations (kiosks) throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the immediate term. 

Key to the company’s success is the fact that the kiosks are located directly where the community residents shop, live and socialize.

The first location is situated in a popular, highly frequented convenience store within the busy shopping plaza Pickering Town Centre.

The second location is located in the heart of GTA close to Scarborough town Centre.

All RNS locations will adhere to the mantra of operating in areas that clients regularly visit.

This enhances consumer convenience and reinforces the notion that RNS is a part of the community in which it operates.