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Over the past 30 years Capital Child Care Centre Inc. o/a Riverbend Child’s Pavilion Daycare, After School Care and Montessori Play School set a standard of excellence in all areas of child care.

We not only strive to meet the standards set by children services, we rise above, each and every day to be a center of quality care in all areas of child care.

We provide a child-centered, safe, caring and nurturing environment that encourages, stimulates and fosters a child’s self-esteem and growth.

Each child’s individuality is respected and valued as an important contribution to our center and the daily experiences.

Children are encouraged to explore and learn at his or her level with the guidance and loving support of our qualified caregivers.

A play-based approach to children’s learning and development is the basis for our program planning and delivery of activities.

Children use play to explore their environment, understand and make sense of their feelings, and develop their social skills among their peers.

Our holistic program encompasses every area of a child’s development — social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development.

Each room is designed to offer a variety of centers with countless opportunities for the children to grow in each of these areas.

As well, the children are encouraged, through modeling and guidance to build appropriate social skills, gain a sense of self and celebrate their many accomplishments as they grow and learn.