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Power House is your destination for FRESH, healthy & delicious RAW vegan food, prepared daily with LOVE, from local & organic ingredients, whenever possible. 

Our RAW food creations are Gluten Free & Dairy Free, with no refined sugars or flours, no additives or preservatives. 

Fresh, natural whole foods uniquely created for your health & enjoyment.

Now available at 2 locations in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island!   At Power House, our raw vegan foods are consumed in their natural state.

Raw nuts & seeds are soaked prior to use in our recipes, to increase bioavailability & maximize the nutritional content of our raw food menu items. 

We prepare our artisan breads, crackers, granola  and snacks at a temperature no higher than 114 degrees Fahrenheit, through dehydration.

This process removes moisture from food while preserving the foods vital nutrients.

Our creations are made with your health in mind, and we are passionate about serving you the very best.