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You want someone who gives you honest answers to your questions and honest solutions to your plumbing problem.

And that’s exactly what we do.

Whether you need emergency plumbing services or help installing a new toilet or sink, Plumbing Medic will give you the honest service you’re looking for.

Honesty is our policy at Plumbing Medic.

We give our customers upfront pricing so there are no unnecessary extras added to your bill. 

Our employeesdo not work on a commission so you will never be pressured to buy something you don’t want. Plumbing Medic’s uniformed technicians will guide you through your repair from start to finish.

If we encounter an unexpected problem, we will inform you before proceeding further.

What do we do? We like to say that we can look after your plumbing from tank to tap – or sewer, depending on where you live.

After we’ve made the repairs and you’ve got your basement and backyard back to normal, if you decide that you need a luxurious spa-like bathroom, we are also happy to create one for you. 

Contact us today to request an estimate on your next bathroom renovation!