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Pinnacle PAC wants to help our community prosper economically through successful enterprise and spiritually through artistic endeavour.  

We believe our own business can contribute to the economic and social well-being of our community by nurturing start-up enterprises, coaching existing businesses, providing low-cost services to non-profits, offering secure, well-paid and meaningful work to our team members, setting a good example of best practices and technological innovation and supporting local artists and food providers.

Our passion at Pinnacle PAC is helping people succeed. 

Our clients tell us they value our relationship because we translate technical matters into plain English they can understand and use.

We believe the accountant should be a  coach, cheerleader and peer rather than simply the scorekeeper.

We believe professionals should charge a fair price for the value provided to the client and that value is not a function of time spent.

We believe an accounting office can be a fun and creative place for the team members and an open and non-threatening environment for clients.

A successful enterprise is one that exists to serve the objectives of the proprietor.

Too often, the proprietor ends up chained to her own business with a lunatic for a boss.

How does this happen? Can it be avoided? Can it be changed?

We can help small business owners to identify their personal objectives and then take action to achieve them through the operation of their businesses.

We want to empower small business owners to help themselves – to understand their business, understand their financial position, measure their growth, interpret their financial results, build their operating systems, improve their teams and make themselves better leaders and community members to the enrichment of our whole region.