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Pharmaprix Pharmacy

Little bit of Hitory about Pharmaprix

Built on a foundation of professional expertise and personal service, the Pharmaprix organization has been meeting Québecers’ health care needs for over 28 years. What was once a small drugstore in Toronto has grown into an organization of over 800 stores from coast to coast, becoming an indelible part of the people of this country, young and old. Yet despite our growth, we have never forgotten our origins. We have always remained true to our belief that the personal satisfaction of each and every customer is at the root of our success – and it can only be ensured by the commitment of people who realize that success is built one customer at a time.

Over 28 years ago, we began as a family store. Today, we’re still a family store, only the family is a much larger one. Although we don’t all share the Koffler name, we still adhere to the Koffler values of trust, loyalty and community. So naturally, it’s no coincidence that many families across Québec appreciate our values and choose one of our affiliated pharmacies.

What makes the Pharmaprix experience unique? Perhaps it’s best described as a special combination of superb professional care and a shopping experience that’s both comfortable and value-conscious.

Each store is licensed and franchised to a pharmacist, called an Associate, who is part of the community and has a personal understanding of the needs of people within it. This is not something that can be learned through a business school or training seminar. Rather, it can only come from personal interaction and the experience of being there. It is also the reason why no two Pharmaprix stores are exactly alike. Thanks to the Associate concept, each store is an extension of the community that surrounds it.

In 1962, Toronto Pharmacist Murray Koffler had an idea that revolutionized the retail drug industry. He believed that it was possible to build a national organization of drugstores without sacrificing the personalized service of the local community health professional, who knew his customers well and depended on this intimacy to ensure a successful

With each drugstore owned by a fellow Pharmacist or Associate, Mr. Koffler believed that a strong sense of pride, accountability and community spirit would be uniquely inherent in each Pharmaprix. At the same time, this would help build a trademark that would become synonymous with exceptional service and value.

He was right. Three decades and 4 billion $ in sales later, Murray Koffler’s vision continues to bear fruit in numerous ways that, to this day, are setting new standards in the practice and delivery of retail drugstores in Québec and the rest of the country.

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