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About Penticton Accounting Centre Ltd

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At Penticton Accounting Centre Ltd. We guarantee quality, professionalism, and knowledge.

We have five full time employees at our office to complete tax returns and offer year round bookkeeping support. 

Paula Overland DFA – Tax Services Specialist, president, has 26 years of experience in the financial services industry. She currently holds her CUIC and Distinguished Financial Advisor – Tax Specialist designation.

Paula’s expertise is providing support to the “baby boomers” 
and retired. However, we invite younger families to come and 
grow with Penticton Accounting Centre Ltd., as we believe that 
all tax returns require professional tax knowledge.

Our client base includes, but is not limited to:

Personal and business-for-self income tax
We specialize in small business 
Construction and trades
Fast Food Restaurants
Gas Stations
Professionals (medical, pharmacy)