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Peach Berserk is a funky fabulous fabric and fashion design company.

We make EVERYTHING  here, in our studio/store— from  designing the prints, making the silkscreens, printing the fabric and then designing, cutting and making the clothes! 

If you order something from Peach Berserk, it is ALWAYS the same price as buying something off-the-rack.  I have this policy to encourage people to be creative.  If you want, for example, our ‘Cosmic Cocktails’ print in the colour  ’Tiptoe Thru The Turquoise’ on our ‘Girl About Town’ style dress, and you want it to have a crazy lime green crinoline… That is JUST what we will make for you…. to fit you perfectly of course.  So get thinking!!

Do you want to get even MORE involved??

Take our famous and fabulous Silkscreen Class!  I love the way we invite others in to do their own designing and printing. Every second Sunday this place is filled with enthusiasm, ideas, learning and messy fun.  I LOVE it.   It really makes Peach Berserk a more vibrant and interesting place.

Another thing important to us is our charity involvement.  Through the proceeds of Peach Berserk, we support 6 foster children around the world with Plan Canada. Peach Berserk also make monthly contributions to our favorite charities – Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam and the amazing Stephen Lewis Foundation.

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