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Pawsitive Experiences was opened in 2011, by Sandy Walter. 

Sandy has a life-long love and devotion to animals, and strives to give all animals the best care possible. 

Pawsitive Experiences offers the opportunity to have your dog or cat socialized with other animals in an open setting, not segregated or kenneled. 

Sandy’s belief is that animals of all sizes can be socialized together within safe boundaries. 

Sandy focuses on educating animals, and teaching them good manners, kindness, and appropriate behaviors.

Sandy is a leader in educating both canines and humans in kindness, consistency, safe diversity, boundaries, safe play, and FUN.

Pawsitive Experiences is beneficial for both PETS and humans, by providing the opportunity for: socialization, mental stimulation, physical activity, diversity, and consistency.

You can be the best pet parent ever, but you can’t replace what your precious fur baby gets from interacting and playing and observing and learning from other pets.