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About Paliotti’s Italian Restaurant


All Legends start somewhere; Our Family History in restaurants started in Montreal, in the 60’s. My dad, mom and Uncle Joe, after working a few years at Dominion Food Stores they decided to buy their first restaurant.

It was located outside of Montreal in Chomedey Laval, It was called Labelle Pizzeria.

I was only a kid then but, when I went to the restaurant, I would remember people saying that they loved the food.

The kitchen was in the front; we had a big bellied pizza chef from Naples, Italy, the chef and the rest of the staff and family would be throwing pizza dough in the air (showing off).

The phones were ringing off the hook. We had our family and staff working very hard, but also having a lot of fun together.

At thirteen years old, my cousin John and I started washing dishes.

I remember stacking the dishes as high as we possibly could and my Dad freaking out and afraid that the dishes would fall and break.

It was a lot of work but a lot of fooling around (very fun).

After mastering the dish washing, we were promoted to the front kitchen where me (Joe) plus my cousin (John), were cooking pasta, steaks, salads and learning how to make pizzas.

It wasn’t too long before I was throwing pizza dough in the air just like the chef from Naples.