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We offer a wide range of wild-harvested mushrooms foraged primarily in British Columbia, in both dried and fresh forms.

Dried Mushroom products include: Dried Morel Mushrooms, with a meaty, nut-like taste; Dried Matsutake (Pine) Mushrooms, with an undeniable fragrance that is both sweet and spicy; Dried Yellow Chanterelle Mushrooms, with a chewy, crunchy texture and peppery flavour; as well as Dried Lobster Mushrooms, Dried Blue Chanterelle Mushrooms, Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms, and many more.

Fresh Mushroom products offered by Pacific Rim Mushrooms include: Fresh Morel Mushrooms, with an aromatic quality that lends itself to cream and wine sauces;

Fresh Porcini Mushrooms, with robust flavour and meaty texture; extremely versatile Fresh Lobster Mushrooms; Fresh Matsutake (Pine) Mushrooms; as well as other wild and cultivated varieties.

Pacific Rim Mushrooms also offers wild exotic greens seasonally, such as Fresh Fiddleheads and Wild Onions. Product safety is ensured through the company’s HACCP certification.

Pacific Rim Mushrooms was established in 2005 in Vancouver. It was founded by a professional mushroom harvester with extensive experience foraging along the “mushroom circuit” from Alaska to California.

Pacific Rim Mushrooms works with ecologically-minded harvesters that use sustainable harvesting practices.