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In fact, falling is far and away the most common cause of individuals, aged 12 and over in Canada, being injured.

The most egregious fact about these slip and fall accidents is that so many of them are entirely preventable—as they have been caused by others’ negligence.

Pace Law Firm is trusted to handle all personal injury cases, including slip and fall matters.

We take pride in advocating firmly and resolutely on behalf of our clients’ best interests.

Regardless of the nature of the accident in which you have been involved, your priorities should be seeking medical attention as soon as possible following the accident, and compiling a record of evidence related to the accident scene.

Make sure your physician records all of his or her observations about your injuries.

A record of what might seem to be ‘minor’ injuries is essential in documenting and assessing your claim accurately—especially, given the possibility that such injuries prove to require long-term treatment and rehabilitation.

Photographs of the accident scene, details of how the accident occurred, and any other relevant factors are extremely valuable.

Getting contact information from bystanders who witnessed your accident is important too, as they may be able to provide valuable evidence supporting your claim about the defendant’s culpability in causing the accident.

So many accidents—especially slip and falls—are preventable; the fact that they do occur so frequently indicates how common it is for owners to be negligent in maintaining their property safely for passers-by.

Missing cautionary signs warning of a ‘Wet Floor’, icy sidewalks and stairs, and materials that construction crews have been left scattered are some of the common hazards causing accidents that would have been easily prevented by better management and concern for others’ safety.