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Nothing rhymes with orange.

And we’re OK with that. Because for us, it’s not about blending into the crowd. It’s about consistently being our unique selves. And celebrating the inexplicable taste our friends have come to love.

So be an original.
Keep it fresh.
Keep it real.
The world will catch up.

Our thick and creamy smoothies are blended with real sweetened fruit purée, which means that you get a great-tasting smoothie! This enables you to fully enjoy whatever little vacation each sip takes you on – without the overweight man in the European swimsuit obstructing your view. Cool.Refreshing.Yum.

Real fruit and fewer calories! All four Light Smoothies are blended creamy smooth with ice, real fruit, nonfat dairy blend, sweetened with SPLENDA® brand sweetener and other natural sweetener. 150 calories or less in a 12 oz. size. In other words, break out the European swimsuits!

Our legendary Julius Originals are blended to frothy perfection. But from whence doth this perfection arise? Is it the fruit juice? Is it the ice? Hmm… it might be the ice, come to think of it. But most agree that the secret lies in the magic awesome powder. And what a delicious secret it is. Crisp. Mysterious. Perfection.

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