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In 1986 a husband and wife team with a bigger than life idea of what an optical could be, set out to open Optical Image.

Darrah Wagner consulted her customers in colours, fashion, and eyewear in the pioneering of what we now accept as art on our face, an accessory that accentuates our features, highlights our eyes, of course along side the practicality of bringing focus to one’s vision.

She and Gary continually searched the world to bring unique and creative frames to a small town, making Optical Image one of a kind.

The business maintained a strong foundation and passion from the Wagners in providing clarity of vision in outstanding ways, calling people by name, and always standing behind their work.

Once a summer student for Optical Image, Sasha Godenir reconnected with Wagners in 2006.

A new Optical Image emerged into a full scope optometric practice, now offering primary eye care alongside the optical retail.

The relationship was powerful and broadened the commitment in providing quality products and services with intelligent design and technology.

Here at Optical Image, we aspire to create and maintain an outstanding culture based around eyes!

Patients are greeted with warm smiles and have access to distinguished eyecare, advanced technology, efficient service, and unique eyewear.

We are inspired by the challenges and creativity our industry supports, and strive to combine fashion and healthcare in an attentive environment.

We have a passion for what we do, and for those who trust in us to take the utmost care of the eyes they rely on to capture their journeys in life!