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Recognizable worldwide, name brand jewellery is crafted with the world’s finest materials.

Quality diamonds are essential: Cut, Colour and Clarity all work together in providing exceptional sparkle and those unmistakable flashes of colour and light that telegraph “diamond” across a crowded room.

Name brand jewellery is handcrafted by some of the best diamond cutters and craftsmen in the world; as a result, the jewellery is extremely durable and since the diamonds are expertly set, it protects against them falling out or breaking over time.

We have an incredible selection of over 700 Tiffany pieces and more than 125 Louis Vuitton bags including over a dozen of other name brands. 

Being family owned and operated for over 40 years, you can feel comfortable and secure knowing that you’re dealing directly with the owners, and that we are here to service your needs.