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About O’Hanlon Paving


Art O’Hanlon started O’Hanlon Paving in 1956 and the company bought their first asphalt plant in 1959.

Ron Fath joined the company and in 1958 had become a partner.

Thomas Fath started working at O’Hanlon Paving in 1968 and by 1989 had become President.

Dave Fath grew up in the company as well and is now the Vice President and heads up Fath Industries.

The Fath Group of companies got its start in 1990 with the Fath family owning 100% of O’Hanlon Paving and Fath Industries.

In this 60th year of O’Hanlon Paving, Ron Fath passed away, having been involved in the company in various ways up until this year.

The Fath family has grown up in the business with three generations active until recently, and still continuing on as a Fath family business.